“What is life without living” – is what this folk-pop songstress Erica Knight from Cambridge Ontario channels into her undeniable songwriting abilities. She is a true visionary with a talent for entwining melody, rhythm and escapism into well-crafted songs. Her lyrics speak in metaphors connecting life’s moments of love, hurt, growth & healing. Erica’s finger picking style holds her audiences captive by delivering irresistible rhythms; however it is the soothing purity of her voice and natural ability to produce memorable melodies that ultimately prevail. Some compare her sounds to the likes of Kt Tunstall, the folk-rock bounce of Natalie Merchant and at times the country-soul groove of Norah Jones.

“Comparable to Norah Jones and Natalie Merchant” Lisa M. Bello – INDIE IN TUNE

Erica began songwriting as a teenager. Singing to her friends in the neighborhood park eventually led her to start playing open mic nights at small cafes and pubs, sharing her inner beauty and creativity. With her guitar in hand she ventured across North America as a free spirit on a journey. When she wasn’t taking in music festivals or entertaining passer-bys on the street, she was fulfilling her dreams such as sitting around campfires in the dessert, hiking in the mountains of Colorado and visiting the Red Rock Amphitheatre. Along the way, Erica’s free spirit found comfort befriending strangers and emotionally connected with all she encountered; unknowingly she mentally began writing her debut EP “When You Go”

“Erica Knight’s long awaited debut album is a folk gem” Jason Schneider – THE RECORD

Erica Knight’s debut EP “When You Go” was released in 2007 at The Pines in Cambridge Ontario with over 200 fans in attendance. The seven song EP was recorded at Frequency Studio in Cambridge Ontario and the production is the combined effort of Erica and Terry Rocha. “When You Go” is now available on iTunes and CD Baby. We can expect to hear more great songs from this Canadian Singer/Songwriter as her destiny begins to unfold. Until then, enjoy “When You Go”. Kick your shoes off, relax & reconnect, you are safe here.